March 14, 2007

Phone Calls

So I'm at work, working, and blogging.. and trying to restore 48 gigs of data to my mothers laptop, and trying to return broken hard drives and I'm getting pretty hungry actually.

But that's not why I started this post, where was I? Oh yea phone calls.

Nick just called me, he had a question but as he was walking down the hall, Alex (the cat) passed him with a letter in his mouth. It was mikes and 10:1 odds it was going to end up in my room. I'm not sure if he's a misguided mail man or some sort of small time cat bugler. He probably just likes paper. I wish I had a photo.

Over the past 3 hours I've had 4 old clients climb out of the woodwork and call me. One is talking about the future and wants me to consult in a dinner meeting in a few weeks. (Btw for the record, I am always up for this kind of work.) Another had some network problems I talked her though solving. And the last probably just lost all of her data, ever, both personal and work, not counting the backup I made her about a year ago. I really hope she's not screwed. But I'm going over to her house after work, instead of going to the gym.

And if I have to reinstall the system on another hard drive and move all her data over (I sure as hell hope I can do that part)... I'm going to carry it home and work on it there. That's kinda like going to the gym.

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