September 19, 2001

Chancellor Levy strikes again

NOTE: This information was changed at 8am on Thursday, September 20th 2001.
In the next room right as I type this, my father, who is co-president of the Tech PTA, is yelling at someone about how Tech is being screwed. Dr. Lee McCaskill, Tech's principal, got a call from Deputy-Chancellor Mumble, telling him that the plan that had previously been accepted by all sides in this, and that was handed out to everyone at Tech on Monday, including the Stuy teachers, has been overruled by the Chancellor at the request of the Stuy PA. The day will start for Tech at 7, proceed with 30 minute periods, with no lunch, and end at noon. At that point, Stuy will arrive, starting immediately, with the same deal, ending at 5. This is because the Stuy PA felt that the overlap in the former plan was unacceptable, and (apparently) is unlawful because students in the halls and auditorium pose a fire risk. Pardon my saying this, but Mr. Levy can fuck off and die.
You can read the official letter to parents here.

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