September 4, 2007

Almost home..

I almost have a new home.. that is to say, I almost have an overpriced place to stay in someone else's building. In fact the reason I don't yet is because some guy who spent 3 hours showing us the place and negotiating with the landlord for a lower rate (this is probably the only good thing he did and it was because he made a mistake.) wants $6048 for his troubles and I don't want to pay him right away.

I cant either, we did this entire thing this holiday weekend, a time where banks (for ancient stupid reason) refuse to be open. Well my bank was open (commerce bank) while they are horribly impersonal and refer everything back to their "corporate office" that's beyond normal checking and savings, they are at the very least open 7 days a week and within their banking system, they can do anything during weekends that they can during the week. I may not have a fancy website like city bank (for what it's worth, I've been victim to it's errors) I can visit a branch at 7:30pm on a Saturday and still go beyond the normal teller's operations.

So once checks are written and they clear, we'll pay this guy and it will all be over... or just begun.. depends on how you look at it.

While it would have meant leaving the guys (well one could come, I just can't afford more then a two bedroom if that...), I still wish I had gone for a condo earlier in this year. I'm sick of wasting money. © 2022.
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