December 5, 2007

Belkin good Comp USA bad

I almost got into a fight with a guy at Comp USA. Well that's a lie. I just didn't want to buy the $180 fancy Belkin router with the lcd display and curvy exterior.

"Does it have better range?"
"Then the linksys? or compared to the cheeper belkin"
(Which I might add I did buy, it's got an amazingly simple setup and a very strait forward instructions that I would trust my mother with. Never mind I skipped all that because I had to set it up to be transplanted to another location later.)
"Both, these are like around the house, this one is beyond the walls."
"Does it have more millawats or something? Does it say?"
"This is the one everyone is buying, we've sold like 15 today."
"It's too expensive" I say looking at the cheeper Belkin.
"Look, it's only $80 more, its the one you want."
"It's not my money" Which was only a half lie. I had stopped making eye contact with the guy and continued to look for some indication that the 802.11N spec was different between the different routers and somehow gave it better range.
"Do you work for a company or something?"
and then he walked away.

I went for the one with 3 antennas, Belkin makes OK routers and linksys's 2 antennas hasn't earned any respect with me in the wireless range department and I wasn't spending that extra 80 bucks.

During check out another guy runs up to my cashier.
"Hey hey! don't forget to put in your code! Is that one of those!?" he says pointing to the $180 routers I didn't want.
"No" she replies.
"Well if you sell any of those you get $5 for each one. Five dollars!"

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