April 21, 2008

Some updates in my life.

It's of course much longer then I've wanted it to be between updates.

I've done some work for Roborooter's Gallery. It should be a bit faster, but my main emphasis has been to make it more simple to use and navigate. It's still got a ways to go. I did drop the keywords thing for tags (ala flickr.. sota) and had the gallery import the date from each photos exif data into a tag. This worked alright. For example you can view all photos taken in 2007 but for some reason I also have a lot of photos that seem to have been taken in 1969. As that's obviously wrong, I'm probably better off removing that. I also increased the thumbnail size because the slowness isn't the size of the photo but the overhead of showing the photo and larger thumbnails look better. I'm planning on leaving dreamhost (who runs my servers) because they have problems (slowness, over billing), but it's non trivial. The gallery will be one of the first sites I have to jump to faster pastures.

I'd love to work a time line into gallery somehow. I have a separate private gallery with a growing number of family photos, a time line for that would be amazing.

My dog Cherokee died this weekend. He was old. Our family was his second, we got him a little after 2000 I think. He was quite unsure of us for the first week or two kept wanting to go home. But eventually he started playing with my brother and myself and figured out he was safe with us. He was a lot happier after that. I remember laying the floor, the three of us after rolling around and playing for a while. I remember saying he was like a third brother except a dog. He was a good dog. I love him. I'm sure I have more photos of him and I'll tag them if I find them.

Photos tagged Cherokee


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