August 5, 2008

This was Worth(1000) it

They don't have anything to hide

Despite my title referencing worth 1000 this photos comes to us from Gizmodo's own Photoshop contest. (Click the image to see more of it). I find this kind of stuff cute, but I think other people think I find it offensive. Not that I'm a great defender of art, but I'm a great believer in less surveillance. As England is proving, we as humans don't know how to manage ubiquitous surveillance. Recordings are lost, they don't seem to stop crime, and most footage nobody looks at. And even if we did, figure most of that out, who gets to watch everybody? Maybe they could make it a premium channel.

Back to art, Worth 1000 is a trove of quality "Photoshops", they have themed contests, I highly recommend checking them out.

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