August 19, 2008

The New York Times and my brother

My brother was quoted recently in the New York Times ... again.

"We used their surface and projected the truth onto it."

He didn't actually say that but the sentiment is there. They also got his age wrong. A few years prior they wrote an article about the high school he went to. The reporter talks about him a bit but only has once quote.

"So, is there a proposal, or did you just want to open the discussion?"

And again a number of years prior (this is like 10 years ago now) we have a quote from an article about the boy scouts in Park Slope.

"Not really"

I'm fairly certian he's mentioned in one more artcle about a town meeting her went to that was on domestic violence in specific communitites, but I'm sure I'll be corrected soon enough. The quotes don't do him justice, but the articles might, they're not bad reads. I'm proud of him. Not for being in the newspaper but for doing things that he believes in. It's just cool that they're newspaper worthy.


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