August 8, 2002

Yikes... Setting up libc6 (2.2.5-6) ...

I just upgraded Petra to the latest release of libc6 and it broke apache. =0

So I popped into #debian to see if I could get some help. After getting yelled at for not
reading the topic I finally got this after I suggest a simple configuration fix (which doesn't work).

peej: wizard_2 (sheesh, the lameness): either you use dpkg specifically on a downloaded non-latest package (man dpkg) or you tweak your sources list.



*Cou(bitch)gh* just the kind of support and help everybody needs. Tweaking the source list to the "testing"
packages doesn't work because apt doesn't want to downgrade packages. You can't remove libc6 because... well 318
other packages need it. I even got this message when I tried. (hoping I could just remove it)

You are about to do something potentially harmful! To continue type in the phrase 'Yes, do as I say!'



Not what I had in mind... anyway I ended up downloading the .debs from "testing" and using dpkg to install them. It didn't care about over writing the currently installed version.

apachectl start /usr/sbin/apachectl start: httpd started

Success! And now you see what you see here. I think I'll keep the debs around in case apt decides to upgrade them before the bug is fixed.

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