August 18, 2002

At a "Net Cafe"

I walked about 25 blocks through China Town here in Sanfrancisco and found only one network (wifi) and it had WEP and Cisco's thingy (I forgot its name) so that wasn't an option. =(

So I'm at a "net cafe" with "underground" dance music. It's acutally pretty cool with a nice view of they bay. I'm killing their bandwith by uploading all my pictures (dumped in the "California" folder until I get back). When I get back, I 'll organize them into subalbums with Mike's new upcoming script (hehe new picures script).

I'm having fun here. It's good but I miss home and the people I left behind. I'm thinking about you guys.

I just realized that I'm uploading repeats too, live with with them until I organize them later sorry about that. Drop me a line if you want sometime soon - I'll find a wifi eventualy to send my mail through (ssl of course =D)

I just got told that I have to leave the cafe so whatever got there got there. Sorry guys. Stay well.

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