August 23, 2002


I'm here at Starbucks paying for internet service. I threw the
payment plans into excel and make a nice little spreadsheet to work out which
plan is cheaper. If you have to use it go for the prepay plans you might
get left with a few extra minutes (don't worry they become void in 23
days) but you'll probably be left wanting more. 20$ for 120 minutes or
50$ for 300. Either way its about $0.16 ($0.166666666666...) per minute.
Cheaper then the "net cafe" in San Francisco (but you need your own
computer - I don't mind I have my own computer)

I've organized my photos for the new script (wouldn't work for
the old one - and I'd like to drop the "Okaton" script - the new one
looks so much nicer anyway and will help those with lower resolutions
too) I had them all in one "Unsorted" folder and now I have them in a
whole bunch of folders with cute names attached. I'll be able to write
descriptions too but I don't want to right now. is down. Along with the rest of Stuyvesent's
network. (BTHSnews gets its hosting free from them. Petra's connection is
doing fine and hasn't had problems since it got fixed. Which is the way
it *should* always be.

I'm thinking of actually turning Roborooter Networks into a real
business where Petra would get a real Connection by co-locating her
somewhere. I have no illusions about the generosity of Co-locating
services they have this thing about wanting money; I have a thing about
wanting money too. If Roborooter Networks made money (presumably using
Petra) then I could co-locate petra (even though she is a tower - and
quite a big one - co-locations tend to like rack mounts but I could
always move her into one. Computer companies have a thing about wanting
money too - I wouldn't mind investing in Roborooter Networks but I'd need
to make sure I got returns from it.

This is all good idle banter but idle banter rarely turns in to
results. I've made plenty of idle banter about many things. From building
robots with my spare parts to clean up my work area to building a gauss
rifle (which could easily happen but I can only see it being misused and
I want to make it through college at lease before I have a record, and
I'm sure it isn't as easy as it seams and I'd waste a heck of a lot of
time on it because its pretty cool.).

But since this idle banter involves bringing me a positive cash
flow that isn't flowing from me I'm a little biased towards it. Hell I
want to add Pay Pal buttons on the left to donate to the "Get Roborooter Networks staff member's that is in college name here> through
college - give a buck/quarter/dime/nickel" This would include first off
me. If emily or mike want to they can get thier own pay pal accounts and
do it too. Actually has a system for making donations and they
don't hold on to your money nor can they take it away - they just get the
exposer that they are the ones making the donation possible and they
might throw a "hey you! buy this book!" in too. Pay Pal is not a bank.
They can take away your money and they can freeze your accounts with out
warning or ever returning them. Evil.

Amazon wish lists are always good... even Think Geek Wish lists
too... Even though I have a problem with them because you always forget
what's on them and then by the time you ever recieve anything on them its
outdated and you don't realy want the stuff anymore. And putting time
into maintaining one is vein and dumb. Go read a book from the library
while sitting in the park you materialistic swine! God knows you look

This has been allowed to go on for too long. Hope everyone is
doing well.

-Francis © 2022.
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