August 25, 2002

Oakland sucks - Think "Cleaveland rocks" but sucking not rocking

TGI Fridays delivers quite a dining experiance.

(on our way in)

"Would you like to be seated by a TV or elsewhere?"

(on the menu)


Chargrilled with two slices of melted American Cheese. $6.99

With out cheese. $6.79

(while we wait)

A balloon artist is walking around to tables with little kids and single (or
alone) mothers. He keeps his
package of balloons in front of his "package" and puts on his show for the mothers more then the little kids.
Flirts with the mothers. Forgetting about the kids he makes hearts and remembers the kids and makes them little

(while we eat)

Everyone but Nick gets their food. He gets somebody else's. He gets somebody
else's again. Again. Nick
ordered a "Chicken Fingers" he got Chicken Fajaitas, JD Chicken, and a Chicken Ceaser Salad. Confused the
"servers" (not the person who we ordered from) look oddly at us and look timidly around for the proper owners of
the food. He finally gets his Chicken Fingers.

(After we finish)

The bill totals to over $100 much more then we ordered. The receipt isn't
itemized. Just the total. About
half an hour later we find out that Nick was the rightful owner of the Chicken Fajaitas, JD Chicken and the
Chicken Ceacer Salad, along with his chicken strips. And my dad's mineral water was in fact really just tap water
with ice. The actual bill, no extra charges and a small tip later we left.

I'm not sure if I just hate Oakland or just TGI Fridays. Either way they both suck.

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