September 18, 2002

I'm friggen loosing it

Today my laptop had an unfortunately accident with the ground. Now it won't turn on and apple won't cover the damage on the warranty. (I bugged the hell out of them and still no good.) Now getting the package to them is becoming a chore too. I need to first get the package and then put my laptop in it and then give it to them. ("You can drive to airborne and they'll take it from you.") I'm having it shipped to Brooklyn instead and when I'm there for my brothers birthday this weekend I can get the box and send it out. Now all I need to worry about is my data because I don't want to spend the 50$ to protect my data from them. I need a machine with a pcmcia port, the ability to read hfh+, and plenty of hd space... or at least network access. My desktop has plenty of hd space. I have homework to do.

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