September 24, 2002

Anime Sodomaya Hi-Fun-SuperCOW!!!

I feel like crap. I slept but I must have ran a marathon in my sleep or
something. I ended up sleeping through my alarm clock for like 2 and a
half hours or something. I think I'm going to setup my desktop to blast
System of a Down around 8am weekdays. Luckly I didn't miss any classes.
Wierdly Scott my roommate didn't wake up either.

I had a friend
ask me what anime charecter she was most like. I had no idea but I think
I want to make up persona's for Ender, Peter, and Petra. Well actualy
just Petra - the other ones I don't care about right now. I saw a
drawing and I think it suits her but I can't find it now and I don't
remember who drew it. (Blarg!) Maybe I'll get My friends to draw

I compleatly lost my train of thought. Umm.. Petra's
going over to gentoo probaly over the winter break. I love it - but I
don't know enough about it to do it anytime soon. Oh and I live in Jersey
so that doesn't help. (She doesn't) And I got a job here. Its realy cool
and I'll be learning a lot from it but I don't care to talk about it now.

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