October 17, 2002

Fire fire firedrills

Forgive me Readers it has been 8 days since my last confession...

We have had 7 fire alarms go off in 2 days. I was showering for 1, sleeping for 2, was late for class because of 1, and cursed almost everytime. I was worse then a sailor. Public Saftey's responce is "The system is responding to stumli, its doing what it's suposed to do. We just need to find out what that stimuli is." So they don't know why around 530 sleeping students had to wake up and go into the cold (the rain stopped thank god) and wait for 15 minutes. I'm going to loose my hearing walking out of the building over and over again.

I forgot to mention that one of thoes were at 3:30 in the morning. I found out that this week we've had a total of 10 alarms. Aparently since its gotten cold people have started taking hot steamy showers. This conflits with the smoke detectors in the bathrooms, they think its smoke.

Yesterday was the worst day for alarms so far. Despite the 5 alarms I also set off the security system in a computer lab when I was playing with the fiber optic wire that connects all the computers in the room. If you ever find a system like that don't bend the wire. Its a loud aftermath. I'm about to upload some more pictures (I don't feel like sorting anything so I'm going to make a "Camera Dump" folder) and I made a small movie of a rainbow that poped up when the rain broke yesterday evening. I need to reduce the filesize though. My camera made it 11mbs. Later.

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