June 2, 2008

The Last Hope

The Last Hope

I just registered for the three day computer security.. well Hacker Conference "HOPE: Hackers of planet Earth". So far they have a few keynote speakers listed including Adam Savage and of course Kevin Mitnick. Adam Savage is well known as a Mythbuster, maker, and lover of wonderful things. I even saw him at last years Mermaid Parade. I've emailed him to find out what he's doing at The Last Hope, because while I'm sure he'll find it cool, I don't know why he'd be a keynote speaker.

Also presenting is a very interesting guy named Barry Wels who when not professionally testing locks for security flaws, (I'd be lying if I said it was about the money for this guy) writes for his blog Black Bag and runs a group called Toool. The saying goes that to get good at lock picking you have to practice over and over and over again. The 3rd O is for that extra "over". Even more noteworthy, he got his government to hold off on electronic voting because of how obviously easy the machines were to hack. The mayor of Anderdam took notice of his groups efforts and made it illegal to use the flawed machines. Bary is another person I widely admire.

Hope isn't as large as Def Con the Las Vegas based annual convention. But I couldn't afford to goto that anyway.

So I've got 3 days for my $75 and I'm sure I'll enjoy the crap out of it. I probably wont spend all three days there, but until they release a schedule I'll have to just assume everything will be interesting and plan for that. I'm going to bring a mostly empty laptop and my camera, and maybe a bag of tricks.

While I'm sure I'll meet people there, is anyone interested in going with me? We've got a home field advantage, most of the people there are staying 7 to a room at the cheapest hotel they can find. We'll be well rested, well fed and not scared of New York.

At least not anymore then we should be.

Adam Savage wrote back to me. He'll be speaking about

Obsession. The nature of. Subset mine.

Go figure.


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