September 8, 2008

Yearly GPG Key

My GPG key for the next year can be found at his address.

I've had a few others for my address over the years, but somehow I always loose them. The private key that is. It's usually because I don't use them that much. There are only a handful of people out there I communicate with that know what gpg is, know how to use it, want to use it, and most importantly need to use it. That's actually a tall order to fill.

So what happens to my keys that I loose? Well lets look for the public counterparts.

MIT PGP Public Key Server Search Results for
Public Key Server -- Index wizard at


Type bits /keyID Date User ID pub 1024D/C556B1A8 2008/09/02 Francis Gulotta pub 1024D/2B74810B 2005/01/27 Francis Gulotta pub 1024D/C6677DA7 2002/01/08 Francis Gulotta

The first one I ever published was back in 2002 (Unless I submitted one earlier elsewhere, damed if I know - but a blog search tells me no different - I need a better search). And if I had the tools with me today I could tell you when it expires if at all. I was probably brash and didn't think I'd ever loose the private key. It's not that hard to make a new key so once a year if I'm going to use it, I can. I can even sign it with my old key (if I still have it) to keep the chain of trust.


PS Looks like I've discovered a bug in how wordpress automatically makes email addresses hyper links © 2024
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