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Yearly GPG Key

My GPG key for the next year can be found at his address.

I've had a few others for my address over the years, but somehow I always loose them. The private key that is. It's usually because I don't use them that much. There are only a handful of people out there I communicate with that know what gpg is, know how to use it, want to use it, and most importantly need to use…

Time to listen up. FISA vote postponed until tomorrow.

The vote for theFISA Amendments Actwas postponed until tomorrow. I don't know why.

Let me start with three things. The last one being something new and more important.

  1. You know my position on

    Telecommunication Immunity

    that is only part of the bill. And frankly I think I missed the point. The FISA Amendments Act would not only grant immunity to the crimes committed but it would grant immunity to


    crimes they might have committed without rev… © 2024
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