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Async Generators

I started streaming-iterables a few months ago to learn how to use async-generators and it was hard. The concepts all sound very similar but there wasn't a great resource that spelled it all out, even MDN left me wanting more. In this post, I will l…

2014 Year End Review

In 2014 our plan was twofold; Help small business's dreams come true and to be a model for how we'd like our industry to operate. In 9 months we came close to achiving everything we wanted to. Close enough that I don't think we were ambitious enough.…

Wizard Development StatusBot

Any sufficiently mature development team eventually has someone who makes a build status indicator. This one is ours.


The WizardDev StatusBot shows us the current status of the latest build, the repo and branch names, and the commit message. We have…

Multiple Domain Tracking with Segment.IO and Mixpanel

{% include callout.html type="info" content="This post was written in 2014 and it's advice is absolutely less relevant today, nevertheless it's one of the top search results for this problem." %}

At One Month, we've chosen to operate our app across s…

Telescopic Shower

On a side note trying to put html/js in a wordpress post is a bad experience. If the iframe doesn't work try it here.

Random Image FB

I had a brief lived application on facebook. It mostly worked right and would load all your photos and put them in a big FB random tag and stick it on your profile. I had it upgraded by Koudelka who played around with Facebook's javascript subset and… © 2023.
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