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😃 Vats

Love and pain and war, all things I missed. Since the vats became standard in all low income housing I haven’t needed any of them. We’re all fed, we’re all healthy and we’re all kept separated so there’s no war, at least not like there used to be. I …

Serial Mice Protocols

I remembered there was such a thing as a serial mouse and I wondered how they worked. A bit of googling found me this link (which as of this posting has an SSL error). I'm going to reproduce it below but I wanted to write some notes about it first.

8 Bit Firmata

The Firmata protocol is used for a variety of uses, from home automation to robots. Any time a computer needs to control a low-power device you might find it being used. It's built upon MIDI, which is a very old protocol used mostly for music. Becaus…


There's so much about this tv show that I enjoyed. The 1980s futurism, the fact they didn't force a love interest, how every device talks or has music, even the fact that they added a bus terminal to the Brooklyn Public Library. I enjoyed it all. Th…

Why are you hosting your own Redis?

Someone asked me on a mailing list if I worry about reaching my team's limit in our ability to manage Redis. I wrote a bit about why I think our architecture helps mitigate that risk. I'm not sure I really expressed that I think flexibility through s…

Async Generators

I started streaming-iterables a few months ago to learn how to use async-generators and it was hard. The concepts all sound very similar but there wasn't a great resource that spelled it all out, even MDN left me wanting more. In this post, I will l…

Voting Machines

God help me if any of these have a serialport.

Update: They do have serialports!

I noticed this document about the "findings from the Defcon 25 Voting Machine Hacking Village". It's epic.

⚡This is a fantastic read about hacking a collection of voter…

Font Face

I got a new work laptop so it was time to bikeshed about my setup. I've switched to zsh (oh-my-zsh), iTerm2 (I finally get why you all like it!) and my colors are immutable but my font sure isn't.

I like my terminal text green and my background blac…

First Commit in NodeJS Core!

I've got a few commits around Node.js's related projects. One or two on npm, countless on node-serialport, a few on node-pre-gyp, many others. It's been a nice long line of fixing bugs for myself and seeing small messes and cleaning them.

Now I have …

Parting with Bocoup: the Best Place to Shape the Future

Last year Bocoup offered me my dream job. I was trepidatious at first, my company had just gone under, I felt disconnceted from my personal life and I wasn't about to rush into something new. I needed time to recover. So I took it slow, asked a ton o… © 2023.
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