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Jason's work is almost done

I've just got to start with the content. Funny I had wanted to do the content first. Well I should be able to get at least the index, the service (without products) and Support (without forums) pages to my liking. I'm still waiting to hear from Amazon on …

Sunsrise never looked so...

Didn't really feel like sleeping last night... was messing around... noticed that changing the message view preferences was sloooow. Decided to fix it. The view controller now handles preference changes via a separate thread and message queuing. :) Sunris…

Draft from the past: Lock Down

This is the 4th and last time I sit down to write this. I've had 3 other drafts get erased with only the following surviving. I guess this post wasn't meant to be. It was about how I got locked in for the weekend at Middle School 51 while I was working th… © 2023.
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